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19. června 2013 v 3:12
the family I worked for had one that died of a skin infection that became systemic

My aunt is thinking about getting one of the smallest Swiss Mountain dogs, the Entlebucher. Twenty five years ago, Replica Panerai Luminor I worked for a family that had a Greater Swiss Mountain dog that died very young of a skin infection that became systemic. They hadn been warned of this being a problem in the breed, but the breed newsletter they got was full of obituaries of dogs that had died of the same thing. Before my aunt commits to the dog, I like to know if they ever found out what was causing the problem. What kind of temper they have? Are they more like fighters, or OK for family dogs? Owners or anyone familiar with them, what can you tell about this dog? Most common inherent defects this breed carries? Any info is greatly appreciated

Im getting a lab and i heard the english bred stock make much better family dogs and companions than the american bred stock. Is this true, and if it is, how can i tell the difference (i see big blocky dogs who i told are americans)?

What do you think of Bernese Mountain Dogs? I know that there information about this breed in almost every dog book, but it seems like no one I talked to outside of dog show circles has heard of Berners.

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